Brief History and political structure

The Joint Powers of Galacia is one of the youngest nations on the world scene, but no less powerful for their youth. When Wodun explorers first discovered an almost untouched continent in the year 603.3, Every major power sent great quantities of colonists and explorers. The coastal indigenous population of Galacia was made up primarily of poor and backwards tribes who were easily pushed aside, giving the continental powers strong footholds. It was not long, however, before the colonists bumped up against the borders of the Tectaclan, a massive empire ruled by a familial line of couatls. War was rapidly precipitated between the colonists and the Tectaclan, the technological advantage of the colonists being well matched by the resources that the natives had available to them. The greatest sorcerors of the continent were assembled by the great Cyvssian dragon knight Leoneo, who worked possibly the greatest magical ritual to occur in the current cycle’s Equinox, and is generally viewed as the dividing line between Equinox and Fade by contemporary scholars. The couatl Senotitacl, emperor of the Tectaclan, was captured by the united colonists and sacrificed during a magical ritual that destroyed not only Senotitacl, but every couatl in existence and all who gave them allegiance. This piece of genocide eliminated 95% of the remaining indigenous peoples, but left their buildings intact. Senotitacl, however, before succumbing laid a potent curse on the colonists, whipping the ocean into a massive storm that lasted for forty years, almost completely isolating the colonists. If they had not had access to the homes, fields, and treasures of the Tectaclan, they all would certainly have died during the period of isolation, but instead thrived, and, while taking over the lands of the Tectaclan, established a unified government for themselves, and even a unified tongue which incorporates pidgin elements of Wodun, Cyvss, and Matacian tongues. When the storms finally faded and the continental powers sent out scouts to re-establish contact with their colonies, they discovered a new power, which politely declined to offer tribute to the continental powers that they had once sworn fealty to. The continental powers differed in their reaction to the news, but after a joint Matacian and Cyvss invasion was rebuffed by Galacian soldiers, the continental powers begrudgingly offered the Galacians both trade opportunities and recognition as a legitimate government.
The Galacians have a constitutional monarchy, with the hereditary emperor holding primarily symbolic powers, although traditionally the crown princes serve as officers in the military.
The Joint Powers get their name from the relatively segregated cultural blocs in Galacia, with Matacian, Cyvss, Wodun, and other immigrant groups mainly staying in tight-knit communities.

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