Personal Armaments

Commonly used personal firearms by the major powers

The Combined Powers of Galacia

Bronzebeard S1 Rifle:
799px m1 garand rifle   usa   30 06   arm museum

The S1 was the standard issue rifle used by Galacian infantry. Its gas-powered, clip-fed design gave it a superior rate of fire to many of the other standard-issue weapons in use. Designed by the Dwarfish clan of Bronzebeard, the S1 beat out two other Dwarfish designs, a human company, and a small Gnommish design collective thanks to its simple design and ease of production.

Damage: 2d8 Critical: 20 Damage type: Ballistic Range Increment: 90 ft * Rate of Fire:* S Magazine: 8 box Size: Large Weight: 11 lb. Purchase DC: 17 Restriction: Res(+2)

Bronzebeard S1 Carbine:
800px m1 carbine mk i   usa   arm museum

Responding to comments that the S1 Rifle was too large and bulky to be carried easily by non-infantry, the Galacian military approached the Bronzebeard clan, who quickly designed a scaled down version of the S1 Rifle, dubbed the S1 Carbine. Note that the two weapons share almost no components, and the Carbine is in essence an entirely novel design. The S1 Carbine found use among armored troops, artillery units, and airborne soldiers.

Damage: 2d8-1 Critical: 20 Damage type: Ballistic Range Increment: 70 ft Rate of Fire: S Magazine: 15 or 30 box Size: Large Weight: 6 lb. Purchase DC: 18 Restriction: Res(+2)

Gray P895 pistol:

The Gray P895 pistol was designed in 895.3 by Otto Selynia, an Elf working for Gray Armaments. It rapidly was adopted into service with the Galacian military, thanks to its compact design and superior stopping power. The pistol is chambered in .45 AGP (Automatic Gray Pistol), a round much larger than average for sidearms. This generates a great deal of recoil and limits the ammunition capacity, but the weapon’s utility as a weapon of last resort made it a natural choice.

Damage: 2d6+1 Critical: 20 Damage Type: Ballistic Range Increment: 30 ft Rate of Fire: S Magazine: 7 box Size: Small Weight: 3 lb. Purchase DC: 15 Restriction: Lic(+1)

Dol’ven L903/1 Marksman Rifle:
800px m1903 springfield   usa   30 06   arm museum

The L903 Marksman rifle was designed by the elven Dol’ven dynasty, originally as a stand-off weapon for their own security forces, but eventually the Dol’ven Patriarch elected to sell production rights to the weapon to various Galacian manufacturers, who dubbed it the L903/1, and then in turn sold the weapon to the Galacian military. Note that the externally produced version differs in two regards. First, the externally produced weapon fires a .30-06 round, the same as the S1, instead of the privately manufactured Dol’ven Leafcutter .45 round. This makes the ammunition for the externally produced version lighter, but gives it inferior ballistic properties. Secondly, the overall manufacturing quality of the external version is inferior, as the L903/1 is mass-produced, where the L903 is a hand-made product of Dol’ven workshops.
The L903/1 is a squad marksman weapon. In a full squad of infantry, one trained marksman will carry an L903/1 instead of the S1, and be used similarly to a sniper. The L903/1 has proven especially effective at forcing Trafaran Confederacy tank crew to button up their tanks.

Damage: 2d8 Critical: 20 Damage Type: Ballistic Range Increment: 100 ft Rate of fire Single Magazine: 5 box Size: Large Weight: 9 lb. Purchase DC: 18 Restriction: Lic(+1)

Damage: 2d8+1 Critical: 19-20 Damage Type: Ballistic Range Increment: 120 ft Rate of fire Single Magazine: 3 box Size: Large Weight: 1 lb. Purchase DC: 21 Restriction: Lic(+1) Special: Only available to Dol’ven Elves or ex-Dol’ven security forces, if not purchased from the Dol’ven, the purchase DC is 27. Special: Due to its high quality of manufacture, this weapon is always considered a mastercraft +1 weapon. As such, it grants a +1 on attack rolls.

T893 Deephill Automatic Rifle:
800px army heritage museum b.a.r.

The T893 DAR was originally designed by the Deephill Dwarven clan as a weapon to be used by Dwarven Defenders in underground chokepoints. When the Galacian military put out a call for squad assault weapons driven by the realization that they had almost no automatic fire capability, the Deephill clan smiths submitted their design. Its straightforward, air-cooled design rapidly won over critics, and multiple companies were contracted to produce the weapon. It served as the primary automatic rifle in the Galacian army, and was often assigned to infantry squads in lieu of a squad spellcaster. It is a testament to the quality of the weapon that this tendency did not result in the lopsided engagements seen elsewhere between magically assisted and mundane forces, due to the DAR’s ability to press spellcasters into cover and hold them there.

Damage: 2d10 Critical: 20 Damage Type: Ballistic Range Increment: 100 ft Rate of fire S,A Magazine: 20 box Size: Large Weight: 24 lb. Purchase DC: 19 Restriction: Mil(+3)

AT-1 “Bullette” (Originally X-Ex395731)
744px soldier with bazooka m1

In 989.3, the Galacian military put out a call for designs for man-portable anti-armor weapons, designed to allow infantry squads to engage and destroy armored cars and “Infantry Support Vehicles”, what are now referred to as tanks. Most of the designs were large-caliber rifles designed to eliminate crew within the vehicles, but these tended to suffer problems when engaging the heaviest armor in trials. A small Gnommish design collective, however, submitted a design originally designed for fireworks displays, chambered with a high explosive round. The comparative simplicity of the design and its greater versatility won the design competition, and the renamed AT-1 was manufactured for general use. A full infantry squad, when properly supplied, carries two AT-1s, and three rounds for each.

Damage: 8d6 Critical:Damage Type:Range Increment: 110 ft Rate of fire 1 Magazine: 1 int Size: Large Weight: 5 lb. Purchase DC: 15 Restriction: Mil(+3) Special: When the Bullette hits its target, it explodes like a grenade or other explosive, dealing its 8d6 points of damage to all creatures within a 10-foot radius (Reflex save DC 18 for half damage). Because its explosive features a shaped charge designed to penetrate the armor of military vehicles, the Bullette ignores up to 10 points of hardness if it strikes a vehicle, building, or object. However, this only applies to the target struck, not to other objects within the burst radius.
The AT-1 has a minimum range of 30 feet. If fired against a target closer than 30 feet away, it does not arm and will not explode.
The Exotic Firearms Proficiency (rocket launchers) feat applies to this weapon.

Personal Armaments

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